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Our CEO, Sally Hetherington OAM, engages with a wide range of audiences through sharing her sustainable development experience and encouraging people to be responsible global citizens. If you have an audience where Sally can share her message, please contact her at sally [@]

“Sally was an engaging, passionate, and authentic speaker. Not only did Sally effectively highlight the issues with the current state of 'voluntourism', but she also provided practical examples of ways that individuals can support communities and become an ethical traveller. Sally's talk was interactive and real, and it left everybody with a sense of empowerment; that we are capable of making an impact on a global issue by changing our individual actions and spreading the message that we must travel ethically. We would absolutely love to have Sally come and speak again!”


Gender Inequality in Cambodia and How a Sewing Program is Addressing That

“Men are gold and women are cloth. The former is easily cleaned, the latter is easily stained.” This popular proverb was taught in Cambodian public schools until 2008. Only 37% of girls are enrolled in secondary education at the appropriate age, 12% of females continue into tertiary education and one in four women over the age of 15 are illiterate (UNESCO 2015). These low education and literacy rates significantly limit women’s employment opportunities in Cambodia, who mostly work as low-paid farmers or builders.

Hear inspiring stories about how the sewing program Sally Hetherington set up in 2013 is challenging gender stereotypes, reducing domestic violence, and paving the way to economic independence for women in Cambodia.

Key themes: diversity and inclusion, gender equality, empowerment

Target audience: all

An Inspiring Journey: From Australia to Cambodia and Back to Australia

Sally Hetherington left Australia in 2011, intending to return 15 months later. Instead, she didn’t return for another five years.Hear Sally’s inspiring journey as she came to realise her original intentions to help a Cambodian community were doing more harm than good, and how she did everything in her power to fix her mistakes.

As a result of Sally’s mentorship and commitment to creating an empowering work environment, a community in Cambodia are breaking the cycle of poverty.

Key themes: resilience, teamwork, empowerment

Target audience: all

“Sally’s passion for her work is inspirational. She began her talk by admitting her past mistakes and building on how she has learnt from them, which I feel is an amazing personal growth story. This isn’t often discussed as most people don’t want to admit when they’re wrong, so I think it is extremely brave that Sally built her entire life around correcting that mistake and altering others to it. Her presentation really made me want to buy her book!”


Building a Charity from Scratch

Is your audience interested in addressing social issues by starting their own charities or social enterprises?

Sally Hetherington will not hold back in explaining the challenges she came across when building up Human and Hope Association to be a reputable NGO.

Sally will give you an insight as to what to expect, practical tips and tricks to succeed, and in general, plenty to think about before embarking on a sustainable development project of your own.

This is an interactive session that includes group work.

Key themes: international and sustainable development

Target audience: university students and social entrepreneurs

Effects of Voluntourism and How We Can Rethink International Service Projects

Voluntourism is a $2 billion annual industry that sees approximately 10 million people undertake short-term stays in foreign countries.

Spoken first hand from someone who has partaken in voluntourism and seen the error of her ways, this presentation discusses the negative impact that voluntourism can have on locals, and also provides advice on what to look for when volunteering overseas.

By rethinking the way we participate in international service projects, we can truly ensure we are going about sustainable development in the right way.

Key themes: sustainability, ethical volunteering, international development.

Target audience: high school and university students, service clubs

“Sally tells the story of how development goals can be met by empowering local people through training and then stepping back to allow them to lead. She is passionate about combatting short term voluntourism and instead focuses on long-term skill transfer. Her five years in Cambodia hold important lessons for anyone interested in international development."


An Overview of Cambodia's History and Why Sustainable Development Is Needed

Cambodia has a complex and turbulent history. From 1975 – 1979 leader Pol Pot attempted to turn Cambodia into a purely Communist country, sending millions out into the countryside and deserting Cambodia’s once energetic cities.

Disease, starvation, torture and executions saw the death toll reach an estimated two million, over a quarter of the population. Nowadays, Cambodia remains the poorest ASEAN country with 35% still living in multidimensional poverty (UNDP 2018).

Sally Hetherington will provide your audience with a brief history of Cambodia and the challenges they face. She will provide an explanation of why NGO’s are required in this developing country.

Most importantly, she will present compelling evidence on why local community members need to be placed at the heart of these operations.

Key themes: empowerment, locally-led organisations, culture

Target audience: all

"Definitely get Sally and Thai back for future GLP events. They were both amazing speakers and I learnt so much. I even bought Sally’s book and I am now so interested about this topic even though I had never heard of it."