Program Funding Needed: Home Garden Project for Families Affected by COVID-19


Cambodia’s tourism industry, which usually contributes around one-third of GDP (OECD 2019), has been decimated due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. So far around 2,956 tourism-related businesses in Cambodia have closed, leaving a further 45,405 people unemployed (Minister of Tourism). Although the government has issued some USD$40 payments to affected workers in the tourism industry, […]

Project Pulse: COVID-19 prevention and food packages


COVID-19 has had a devastating economic impact on Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap, whose main industry is tourism. Schools and training institutions have been closed until November, leaving many without education as they don’t have access to the internet or televisions to participate in their school’s online learning. 150,000 garment workers have been temporarily suspended and […]

It’s Not Fair


Imagine that through your own hard work you have just had a good week. For the first time in a long while, you managed to peek your head over the poverty line – that brutally low $1.90 per day your whole family has to live on – when COVID-19 suddenly wipes out your local economy. There […]

Create Hope with Your Future Now

Create hope with Your Future Now

Are you feeling uncertain of the future and needing some sense of direction? We have the perfect tools that can help you to manoeuvre through this challenging time and get yourself back on your feet once again, or simply find new goals in life! We are partnering with Your Future Now (one of Australia’s leading […]

Natasha Lee joins Human and Hope as Ambassador


We are pleased to welcome Natasha Lee as a Human and Hope Ambassador. Natasha started her career at just 14, working as an editorial assistant for The Australian newspaper. Since then, she’s written for a number of publications including The Sunday Telegraph, 9Honey, Yahoo Australia, 10 Daily and The Punch. Natasha went on to complete a […]

Project Pulse: Native Language Classes


One quarter of the students who study at Human and Hope Association Cambodia are illiterate, despite attending public school. One in five Cambodian men and one in four Cambodian women over the age of 15 are illiterate (UNDP2018). To change these statistics, the Khmer language program was founded in 2014 to provide dedicated language classes […]