Funding Update: LUSH Charity Pot


We are thrilled to announce that LUSH Australia is providing funding for the student development program in Cambodia. 45% of Cambodians who live in poverty are under the age of 19 years old or younger (UNDP, 2018). Children in the community we support are not able to leave their village often, causing limitations in their ability […]

Victory Over Genocide Day


Today is Victory Over Genocide Day in Cambodia, a day that marks the end of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979. The following is an excerpt from ‘It’s Not About Me’ by Sally Hetherington OAM, our CEO. She interviewed a survivor of the Khmer Rouge and shared her story to shed some light on the […]

This Christmas, change children’s lives forever


This Christmas, we are giving you the opportunity to change children’s lives forever. Are you with us? Six- year-old Kosal had behavioural difficulties. He often hit his family members, throwing violent tantrums and did not listen. His family were desperate for a solution when they found Human and Hope’s preschool program. After Kosal was accepted […]