Our Monthly Champions are crucial to our success. The funds you support us with on a regular basis provide stability for our organisation and the programs we financially support in Cambodia. Here are just a few of our amazing Monthly Champions who are part of Team Human & Hope. Thank you for your commitment.



Monthly Champion Since 2015

“I continue to support Human and Hope as I really believe in the great work they’re doing to educate and empower people. I used to be embarrassed that I wasn’t able to give more, but I think every donation put together can have a combined impact for the better so I would encourage everyone to look into becoming a monthly champion if they can, no matter the amount.”⠀



Monthly Champion Since 2014

“When my friend Sally asked me if I wanted to be a Monthly Champion for Human and Hope Association, I was more than happy to come on board. To consider how much an education has had a positive impact on me. To be a champion for education, opportunities and hope for a brighter future in Cambodia is a small $10-20 investment that provides a huge impact for education in Cambodia. I am so proud to champion an organisation like Human and Hope and would encourage anyone to consider becoming a Monthly Champion."


Tomas & Portia

Monthly Champions Since 2014

"We love Human & Hope because they fund training and support, with the key goal of the local community being 100% self-sufficient in implementing positive change. Another important factor to us is their drive to educate Australia on the negative impacts of voluntourism, an industry which sadly does more harm than good."



Monthly Champion Since 2019

"I am happy to be a monthly donor because I used to work at HHA Cambodia and know that education is so important for people to move out of poverty."



Monthly Champion Since 2014

"I first signed up as a Monthly Champion because my good friend Sally asked me to, and it's hard to say no to her! But I have continued to donate all these years because I can see a genuine impact from my monthly $20 donation. It amazes me that such a small amount of money can provide education to two children. I am a mother to two small children, and feel proud that I can play a small part to help two children in Cambodia. As we all know, education can change the course of a person's life. I encourage anyone who is reading this to seriously consider becoming a Monthly Champion. I am so glad I did!"⠀



Monthly Champion Since 2020
"It is a great privilege to be a monthly champion of Human and Hope. The real champions are the Cambodian team who change lives of women, children and families by teaching them the life-skills to survive and thrive in their communities. It is inspiring to see how a small donation can have such a great impact: $10 can provide English language education to a child.
Our travelling plans have been cancelled, forcing Cambodian people who rely so much on tourism, to live back in poverty. I chose to redirect my travelling budget to monthly donations for people who need it the most. It is a humbling experience and if you can, please join me in donating monthly too."


Monthly Champion Since 2015

“Empowering people to help themselves is hard work, but I’m a firm believer this is one of the best things anyone can do for someone else. I’ve been fortunate to be across HHA Cambodia and Human and Hope and their developments for a number of years now. I can vouch that they work hard to help Cambodians develop self-sustainable lives through practical skills and education. I am sure their tireless efforts have made a great difference to so many lives and I’m proud to continue to help both charities realise their vision.” ⠀



Monthly Champion Since 2020

“I am proud to be a monthly champion supporting ongoing, locally driven education programs by HHA Cambodia. I believe that through education we will drive our world to become a fairer, more equal society, and I'm excited that I can be a part of this change.”



Monthly Champion Since 2020

"I donate monthly to Human and Hope knowing that my funds support the direct delivery of crucial human service programs which provide urgent relief but most importantly focus on long term sustainable solutions driven by, and empowering local Cambodians." ⠀



Monthly Champion Since 2018

“I donate each month to Human and Hope because I know the money is heading direct to the people who need it most. Not just that, but that these people are sustainably building themselves out of poverty without 'white/wealthy/privileged people' telling them what to do and how to do it. 

Human & Hope’s CEO Sally worked her way out of a job with their program partner, HHA Cambodia, in order to empower the locals and show them that ‘they’ve got this.’ I think that's really powerful because once you empower locals, you can drive real change which is sustainable. Grassroots organisations are so vital in ensuring this type of change happens and I'm proud to see Sally tirelessly working on it.”



Monthly Champion Since 2020

"I have always been a huge advocate for education and social justice. Becoming a monthly champion has allowed me to help empower communities and provide education to children in Cambodia. Being on the Board of Human and Hope, it’s important that I do all that I can to develop and raise awareness to such an incredible vision."⠀