Hold a Market Stall

Shop Ethically
Encourage those around you to ask ‘who made my presents?’ and be ethical shoppers.
Employee Engagement
Holding a stall at your workplace will result in engaged, informed employees.
Women’s Empowerment
Our handicrafts help the women who make them achieve economic independence.

Invite us to your workplace in Sydney, the Central Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle or Canberra to hold a market stall. We will sell our handicrafts that have been ethically made by women in Cambodia, and engage in meaningful and inspiring conversations with your employees. One of our team members will be on hand to help your team of volunteers to set up the stall and sell the goodies – it is a fantastic way to meaningfully contribute to your corporate social responsibility strategy!

Get in contact with us at sally [@] humanandhopeassociation.org to set a date!