Human and Hope Association (HHA) is a Cambodian-run NGO that conducts education, vocational training and community development projects, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable women and children in rural communities. HHA is registered in Cambodia and its governing board includes four local community and business leaders, hand-picked based on their professionalism, knowledge, skills, compassion and commitment.

HHA Incorporated (HHA Inc) is the Australian-based fundraising partner of HHA, registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). HHA Inc has four board members, a team of 12 volunteers and includes HHA’s Director as an advisor, to ensure it stays true to the Khmer culture and local context. The HHA Inc Board ensures that both organisations’ processes, activities and relationships comply with ACNC governance standards, through mechanisms including regular reporting; internal and external auditing; publication of finances and ethical standards; and policies to ensure board member, staff and volunteer behaviour complies with ACNC duties of responsible persons.

HHA is committed to good governance, including financial accountability, quality improvement, risk management, strategic planning and evaluation. We monitor and evaluate the success of the programs we fund in achieving their outcomes and publicly report on their impact on the lives of participants and the local community. Some specific governance and accountability mechanisms include:

  • A partnership agreement between HHA and HHA Inc
  • A privacy policy that follows the Data Protection Principles of the New South Wales Privacy Committee
  • HHA’s annual report, including program outcomes and financial statements
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of individual programs
  • HHA publishing monthly finances on its website 
  • HHA providing monthly program updates to HHA Inc 
  • HHA Inc conducting an annual monitoring visit to Cambodia
  • Regular auditing of HHA accounts by the Board Treasurer (3 monthly audits and monthly random checks) 
  • Annual external auditing of HHA Inc accounts
  • HHA publishing ethical standards on its website 
  • Ensuring staff abide by a Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy 
  • Implementing a strict visitor policy at HHA to ensure our community feels safe
  • Requiring HHA staff and HHA Inc board members to declare any conflicts of interest.
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