Collaboration in Action


Human and Hope know that we can’t do everything by ourselves – collaboration is the key. That’s why our program partner, Human and Hope Association Cambodia, partners with numerous NGO’s and socially responsible businesses in Siem Reap so we can expand our impact in our community. 

Women’s Resource Center – Women’s Resource Center provides women and girls in Cambodia with emotional support, referral services, and informal education so they can be empowered to make informed decisions about their lives. The sewing students and staff at Human and Hope partake in their women’s health workshops, which cover family planning, contraception, pregnancy and pre- and post-natal care, safe abortion, anatomy, nutrition, safe sex and sexually transmitted infections.  

Eco-Soap Bank – Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization working to save, sanitize, and supply recycled hotel soap for people living in low-income countries. They supply us with soap for everyday use and to give to the 200 students who participate in Human and Hope’s hygiene workshops every six months.  

Fauna in Focus – Fauna in Focus is a small environmental education and public awareness NGO, based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our mission is to improve knowledge of and attitudes towards wildlife, raise support for conservation and inspire a love of nature in Cambodia. They provide engaging workshops for Human and Hope’s students at the school and also on site at their Nature Discovery Centre of Cambodia. The topics include Cambodian biodiversity, animal needs, threats to biodiversity and conservation in Cambodia.  

Plastic-Free Southeast Asia – PFSEA is a social impact business that focusses on stopping plastic pollution at the source – every piece of plastic that isn’t used to begin with has less impact on our ailing environment. Via online programs and in person workshops and consultations they address the issues around plastic consumption, pollution and solutions. Human and Hope’s staff have participated in workshops that have provided them with ample knowledge on the issues of plastic and waste management, which they pass onto the students to create long-term change.  

Phare Circus – Phare Circus offers live entertainment, including music, circus and painting in Siem Reap. They frequently provide free tickets to Human and Hope’s community members so they can watch their shows. Phare Circus also supports our events.   

Siem Reap Social Work Network – The goal of the network is for all social workers to gather together to share information, experiences, and discuss solutions of individual cases. By working together, they can support one another by sharing previous activities that we have done and to discuss way in which they can improve.  

Giant Puppet Project – This community arts project provides a creative platform to foster & promote confidence through art, ending in a yearly parade through Siem Reap.  

Good Touch, Bad Touch – The Good Touch Bad Touch Puppets Flipchart Project was developed as a way of communicating about sexual abuse to school aged children in Asia in a creative way. Human and Hope uses these resources every six months for workshops.   

Possibilities World – Possibilities World is a professional training solution company that motivates and empowers teams who are the life-source of any successful company & NGO. Human and Hope’s staff frequently participate in their workshops, as do students who are in the leadership development program.   

Battambang Theater – This theatre group provides yearly interactive workshops and performances for the Human and Hope community, particularly targeting domestic violence and alcoholism.  

Cambodian Leadership Learning Community – The aim of this network is to strengthen the leadership and management of local NGO leaders, sharing best practices, provide fundraising advice and be a channel of communication amongst NGOs. 

Collaboration Cambodia - The team at Collaboration Cambodia believes in learning from the experience and knowledge of others so they can all achieve our goals. To do that, they create opportunities where NGOs, social enterprises, and community groups can share ideas and discuss issues about the problems or challenges they face.