Project Pulse: Education Programs in the time of COVID-19


Since mid-March 2020, the education classes run by our program partner, Human and Hope Association Cambodia, have been temporarily closed. This was as instructed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in Cambodia. To keep their students learning, HHA Cambodia has provided online classes, homework, and drop-in sessions. […]

Project Pulse: COVID-19 prevention and food packages


COVID-19 has had a devastating economic impact on Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap, whose main industry is tourism. Schools and training institutions have been closed until November, leaving many without education as they don’t have access to the internet or televisions to participate in their school’s online learning. 150,000 garment workers have been temporarily suspended and […]

Project Pulse: Native Language Classes


One quarter of the students who study at Human and Hope Association Cambodia are illiterate, despite attending public school. One in five Cambodian men and one in four Cambodian women over the age of 15 are illiterate (UNDP2018). To change these statistics, the Khmer language program was founded in 2014 to provide dedicated language classes […]

Project Pulse: Sewing for Marginalised Women


This month marked the beginning of a new sewing semester in Cambodia, with six women joining the program. These women were recruited in the community by Human and Hope Association’s Vocational Training Manager, Savdy, along with graduates from the program. This has become an effective way of building trust with potential students, as they can […]

Project Pulse: Heang’s Story


Today we are sharing with you the story of Heang, a Cambodian woman who has greatly benefitted from the sewing program we financially support in Siem Reap. Heang is one of eight children who didn’t quite make it to the end of high school; she had to drop out in grade eleven as her parents […]