It’s Not Fair


Imagine that through your own hard work you have just had a good week. For the first time in a long while, you managed to peek your head over the poverty line – that brutally low $1.90 per day your whole family has to live on – when COVID-19 suddenly wipes out your local economy. There […]

This Christmas, change children’s lives forever


This Christmas, we are giving you the opportunity to change children’s lives forever. Are you with us? Six- year-old Kosal had behavioural difficulties. He often hit his family members, throwing violent tantrums and did not listen. His family were desperate for a solution when they found Human and Hope’s preschool program. After Kosal was accepted […]

Donate to the Anti-Poverty Project


“My family’s situation is so much better than before. I am so proud that I can provide my children with the food, shelter and education they need and deserve.” Chomrong was forced to stop studying in grade eight due to the extreme poverty her family experienced. Working as a builder, she faced physical and mental […]