Bid to Give – An Auction with Purpose


Our annual Bid to Give charity auction is now live! From the 9th – 17th of October, you will have the opportunity to bid on over 90 individual items, ranging from gift cards to homewares to children’s gifts to experiences. With bids starting from as low as $10, there is something for everyone! Even better, […]

The faces of COVID-19


Economic crises typically have a way of impacting the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and low socioeconomic populations in our communities. Exacerbated by a health pandemic that has resulted in severe impacts to economic growth and development, the women and children of Cambodia have yet again been left destroyed in the wake of COVID19. Women have been known […]

Rebuilding After a Pandemic


The COVID19 pandemic has ravaged the world and caused economic downturns similar to the Global Financial Crisis and the Great Depression. Cambodia too has not been left unscathed in this devastation and the pandemic brought the economy to a grinding halt in 2020. Like most disasters and economic shocks, it led to disproportionately affecting people […]

Guide to Public Holidays in Cambodia


Cambodia is renowned for their large amount of public holidays. They celebrate 20 holidays each year, which can total up to 35 days off, depending on how many extra days their employers give them. Whether you are visiting Cambodia on holiday, are moving there, or just want to be green with envy, our guide to […]