We empower communities to reduce inequalities.



We are a registered charity that empowers communities to address inequalities. We achieve this through two approaches:

  • Advocacy in Australia about the unintended consequences of voluntourism and advocating for a local approach to development.
  • Financially supporting a grassroots community centre in Cambodia (HHA Cambodia) who run education, vocational training and community development programs that alleviate poverty.


A world where communities are built through locally driven initiatives.


Our Values

  • Empowerment – we aim to empower people to create long-term change for themselves and their communities
  • Sustainability we believe in the importance of ensuring that positive change is long-lasting and intergenerational; a long-term solution to poverty.
  • Equality we do not discriminate on any basis, including age, gender or social status. We believe everyone is deserving of opportunities and support.
  • Integrity we believe in doing what is right even when it is difficult, and hope to promote this value to our students and community.
  • Transformation – we hope to foster positive growth for individuals as well as promote social change in our community and Cambodia generally.

Why Cambodia?

Cambodia is our country of choice as it remains the
poorest Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) country with 35% still living in multidimensional poverty, despite recent economic growth (UNDP 2018). One of our target areas, Reul Commune, has a poverty rate of 39% (Ministry of Planning, 2015).

Children and young people under 19 in Cambodia are generally amongst the poorest and constitute 45% of the total poor (UNDP 2018). The unequal distribution of economic gains means that many Cambodians, particularly those in rural areas, still have poor health and low levels of education, skills and employment. These ongoing issues make it difficult for families to break the cycle of poverty. Poverty brings with it associated issues such as lack of hygiene, poor health, poor school attendance and high school dropout rates.

Women in Cambodia face additional political, social and economic challenges, including gender-based violence, with 21% of Cambodian women reporting having experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence (UN Women, 2015). With poverty and gender issues come other issues, including lack of hygiene, poor health, lack of family planning, poor school attendance and high dropout rates. Low education and literacy rates significantly limit women’s employment opportunities in Cambodia, meaning women mostly work as low-paid farmers or builders. Only 37% of girls are enrolled in secondary education at the appropriate age, and just 12% of females continue into tertiary education (UNESCO 2017). One in four women over the age of 15 are illiterate (UNESCO 2015).

We raise funds for education, vocational training and community development programs that upskill community members so they can earn a sustainable income and move out of poverty. Human and Hope Association Cambodia currently focuses on the Svay Dangkum, Sambour, Krobei Riel and Reul Communes in Siem Reap to enact our programs.

The programs that we financially support are implemented by local community members who have been working at the community centre for up to nine years, including two co-founders. The team in Cambodia raise at least 35% of their yearly income through sustainable methods, including a sewing business and farm. Human and Hope Association Cambodia is registered in Cambodia with the Ministry of Interior and they submit twice-yearly reports. By working in partnership with local staff and authorities, Human and Hope Association Cambodia is helping to create systematic and lasting change.


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