Mid-Project Funding Update: Goodridge Foundation

7 Visiting the families

Earlier this year, The Goodridge Foundation donated $20,000 to enable 189 Cambodians to participate in HHA Cambodia’s Home Food Garden Program.

An update from HHA Cambodia’s Managing Director, Thai San, is below:

“We started to use the funds in May this year, and 160 out of 189 families have selected and distributed the resources to date. The families have started their gardens, some have already harvested some kinds of vegetables and some have just started their gardens.

Due the new outbreak of Covid-19 (over 43,000 people have contracted it since the February 2021 outbreak and many communities are in lockdown), it has affected to our plan, however we have been trying our best to deal with it:

– Our staff are maintained physical distancing, wear masks and sanitize their hands regularly
– We couldn’t conduct training at our center, instead we conducted training and mentoring individuals at homes
– Some families we cannot visit as they are involved in the Covid-19 infection, however, we are still contacting them on phone to ask about the progress
– Some communes are involved in Covid-19 infection, so we cannot recruit families from there, so we have changed the communes. This takes us longer to coordinate, which the project may have a delay.

In general, the project has progressed fine, even though there were some challenges due to Covid-19, but we already knew this, that’s why we continue doing our best to support our community. During this hard time, this project plays a more important role to support the families amid the pandemic, having nutritious food to eat and earning income for the families.

There are more families in other communes who have asked us for this training so we are trying to source funds. The mental health of people is really affected with this Covid-19 outbreak and domestic violence is increasing because people are stressed and fight about money and food. By teaching more people to grow food and earn money this will help people.”

Thank you to The Goodridge Foundation for their incredibly generous donation that is creating food security in rural Siem Reap.


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