Help us to fund a local solution to a global crisis


It’s nearing the end of financial year, and we need your support.

In February 2021 Cambodia fell at a critical point in the fight against COVID-19.

Siem Reap, home to our local program partner, HHA Cambodia, and the famous Angkor Wat, is heavily dependent on local tourism. And without a domestic market to fall back on, people are struggling to survive.

This outbreak forced recently reopened schools to shut down indefinitely and has had a decimating effect on the economy.

Last year our incredible support network stepped up and helped when we thought all hope was lost. This year, can we count on you to fund a local solution to a global crisis?

Your generous donation achieved great outcomes and after ten months on reduced salaries, the local staff is back to earning their pre-pandemic salaries.

Yet, despite their incredible efforts, children are still malnourished, and families are being forced to make devastating financial choices.

With your continued support, the community can bounce forward with confidence.

● $47 can provide an emergency food pack

● $135 can provide a family with access to farming training

● $1,250 can help a woman provide for her child through sewing training

● $5,300 can fund a teacher’s salary for a year

Please donate now to our appeal and help a community in peril.

Thank you for supporting a local solution to a global crisis.



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