Funding Update: Another LUSH Charity Pot grant!


We are thrilled to receive the support of LUSH as part of their Charity Pot program for the second time!


What is the LUSH Charity Pot?

The ‘Charity Pot’ is a LUSH hand and body cream where 100% of all sales (minus local taxes) are distributed as grants, to groups working in the areas of:

  • Animal Protection
  • Environment
  • Human Rights (incl. social justice, peace & equality)

Charity Pot grants provide targeted funding to small, grassroots groups.  Not just because they are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources; but also, because they often struggle to find funding.

Charity Pot grants prioritise projects that aim to create long-term change – because it’s crucially important to fund projects that aim to prevent and address the root cause of the problem.

What will this grant fund?

The funds provided by the LUSH Charity Pot grant will provide 40 families with access to HHA Cambodia’s Home Food Garden Project. This project builds self-sufficient communities by teaching families to grow their own food for themselves and to earn an income from the sale of the produce.

This project is implemented by HHA Cambodia’s staff, who conduct hands-on training, providing the families with seeds, fertiliser, recycled containers and wood to launch their own gardens.

The training includes using natural resources as opposed to dangerous chemicals; choosing the right vegetables for their land, how to make their own fertiliser, COVID19 prevention, environmental protection; and establishing family businesses.

HHA Cambodia’s staff mentor families for two months, providing support and ensuring the success of these gardens in establishing long-term food security. This program is completely led by local staff, who developed the program after one-on-one consultation with Commune Chiefs and key beneficiaries.

Where do I get my own LUSH Charity Pot?

You can purchase a LUSH Charity Pot online or through any LUSH store.


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