What’s Happening with COVID-19 in Cambodia?


Whilst we usually like to remain upbeat, we need to be honest with you; the COVID-19 situation in Cambodia is at a critical point. 

Last Year’s Outbreak

Last year, Cambodia came through the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed, outbreak-wise. They recorded less than 400 COVID-19 cases, and zero deaths.

Unfortunately, their economy was shattered, and our program partners HHA Cambodia sprung into action, responding with 1,321 emergency food packs, farming training for 279 families to establish food security, and outreach to over 30,000 community members with COVID-19 prevention information and free face masks and hand soap.

Current Outbreak

A COVID-19 outbreak on 20 February has resulted in over 5,000 confirmed cases and 39 deaths, with no signs of slowing down. Many parts of the country are in lockdown, including the communes where the majority of HHA Cambodia’s staff live. Whilst the team are applying to the Village Chief to receive a permit to leave their homes and attend work, helping the most vulnerable of people who are in a worsening situation due to this new lockdown, we haven’t yet heard if their request has been granted.


The COVID-19 impact in Cambodia has been equivalent to losing five years of human development progress. Children are at high risk of not returning to school. Families living in poverty are going to be experiencing food insecurity, not able to pay their debts, and needing to make desperate choices to prioritise the little funds they have.

How You Can Help

The support of our Monthly Champions is critical in supporting a Cambodian community to thrive instead of just survive. This is what your funds can achieve:

  • A monthly donation of $10 can provide children with virtual learning and then in-person learning when it is safe to do so. 
  • A monthly donation of $47 can support a family with ongoing emergency food packs
  • A monthly donation of $105 can support a woman with sewing training, business skills, life skills and mentorship

Now is the time to take action; with extremely limited government support in Cambodia, we need to help our brothers and sisters overseas.

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