Meet *So, a preschool graduate


*Meet So, a preschool student who studies at HHA Cambodia. 

So joined the program in October 2019. He lived in extreme poverty with his parents and two-year-old sister, and when COVID-19 hit, both of his parents lost their jobs. So’s family was supported by HHA Cambodia with emergency food packs, and his mother began studying in their sewing program in July 2020. After just three months of studying, she secured evening employment as a seamstress at an ethical sewing company in Siem Reap, and continued to study at HHA Cambodia in the mornings. 

As HHA Cambodia’s education classes had to close during the pandemic, So and his classmates were only able to attend five months of preschool. However, with the support of his parents and teacher, he was able to continue some of his learning at home. Now six-years old, So’s teacher said he has seen a remarkable change in him, as he has matured and has a love for learning which didn’t exist when he first started studying. 

So has now moved into grade one at public school, and was provided with a school uniform and study pack by HHA Cambodia. He is also enrolled in Khmer language classes, which resumed when the education classes reopened in January. 

“I helped to teach my son in my free time for about 15-20 minutes per day. Thanks to teacher Salin who helped support me with the teaching plans and resources, so I understand better how to teach my children at home. I hope that COVID-19 is over soon, so my children can come back to school, especially coming to study with HHA,” – Sopheak, So’s mother.

You can support So and other children receive quality education by becoming a Monthly Champion. 

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