Funding Update: The Goodridge Foundation Supports Food Production


We are thrilled to announce that Australian charity the Goodridge Foundation has continued their support of community development programs in Cambodia.

Last year the Goodridge Foundation provided funding for our program partner, HHA Cambodia, which resulted in:

  • the education of 10 preschool students, all of whom have now begun studying at public school
  • the education of 36 Khmer language students
  • COVID-19 prevention and resources for 26,500 individuals
  • emergency food packs for 50 families who were food insecure
  • core costs to support staff salaries, rent and electricity

The Goodridge Foundation has now provided a grant to support 189 families through HHA Cambodia’s Home Food Garden Project. This project builds self-sufficient communities by teaching families to grow their own food for themselves and to earn an income from the sale of the produce. HHA Cambodia’s staff conduct hands-on training, providing the families with seeds, fertiliser and recycled containers and wood to launch their own gardens. They mentor families for two months, providing support and ensuring the success of these gardens in establishing long-term food security. The training includes using natural resources as opposed to dangerous chemicals; choosing the right vegetables for their land, how to make their own fertiliser, COVID19 prevention, environmental protection; and establishing family businesses.

Expected outcomes from this generous grant from the Goodridge Foundation are:

  • Food availability is improved.We expect 189 families to sustain all their family members with nutritious food every day.
  • Malnutrition decreases.We expect a significant reduction in the number of children under five years old who are stunted. (Child stunting is one of the World Health Assembly nutrition target indicators.)
  • The project multiplies in other communes.We expect to inspire other families to replicate the Home Food Garden project, positively impacting nutrition of the wider community.
  • Loss of income is offset by the sales of food in surplus. We expect families with surplus produce to sell their vegetables to other families, generating an income.
  • Financial literacy.We expect families who sell their produce to learn new skills and how to manage their budgets with this new source of income.

We are so grateful to the Goodridge Foundation for their support.

You can take a tour through a home food garden below.





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