Meet Chantrea, a Home Food Garden Participant


Meet *Chantrea, who has benefitted from HHA Cambodia’s Home Food Garden Project.

68-year old Chantrea is the mother of six adult children, who reside across several provinces in Cambodia. She lives in a small house in rural Siem Reap with her 75-year old husband, who has dealt with an ongoing illness for years. As there is no aged pension in Cambodia, Chantrea and her husband rely on their children to financially support them. With the economic impacts of COVID-19 causing most of Chantrea’s children to lose their jobs, she and her husband are struggling. 

The team at HHA Cambodia found out about Chantrea through the Village Chief, who told them that she had a small vegetable garden to supplement the meals for her and her husband. The team approached Chantrea to assess her situation and see if she could benefit from the Home Food Garden Project to increase her farming knowledge and be supported with resources. 

Chantrea was eager to participate in the project so she could expand her garden. She was unable to attend the training at HHA Cambodia’s community centre, however the staff shared their training with Chantrea at her home, teaching new techniques she previously didn’t know about, such as preparing land, and making compost fertiliser and natural pesticide. Chantrea was provided with seeds, and immediately set to work. After just two months, Chantrea’s Chinese kale, long beans, morning glory, bok choy and Winter melon were ready. These new vegetables meant that Chantrea was able to maintain nutrition for her and her husband, and support her husband’s medical expenses by selling excess vegetables to her neighbours.

“I am very happy to participate in the Home Food Garden Project because I received seed and resources for my garden. I learnt new techniques about gardening, especially how to make compost fertilizer and natural pesticide. Thank you so much for supporting my family and helping me to expand my garden,” – Chantrea

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes

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