Meet Sokhorn, a Home Food Garden Project participant


Meet Sokhorn.

60-year-old Sokhorn lives with his wife and two small children. Sokhorn’s wife works at home to take care of his family, so Sokhorn is the sole income-earner. Prior to COVID, Sokhorn worked in the laundry at a local hotel, but with the tourism industry decimated in Siem Reap, Sokhorn lost his job. 

Unable to find paid employment, Sokhorn has been taking care of his neighbour’s cow each day, in anticipation of receiving a calf in the future. Sokhorn’s family is facing a financial crisis and experiencing food insecurity. 

Our program partner, HHA Cambodia, provided Sokhorn’s family with an emergency food package consisting of rice, eggs, tinned fish and noodles to alleviate their pressures. When told about the Home Food Garden Project, Sokhorn was eager to participate so he could grow his own vegetables to feed his family, and sell the surplus stock to help with his bills.

Sokhorn attended six hours of training at HHA Cambodia, learning basic gardening skills, hygiene practices and environmental protection. Once she completed the training, Sokhorn was provided with seeds, fertiliser and other materials to establish a food garden at his home. Sokhorn says:

“I am very happy to join the Home Food Garden Project because I can have resources to start my garden. I can learn how to grow vegetables without using bad chemicals and I will be able to reduce my family’s expenses and also earn some income from selling. I am going to grow morning glory, eggplant, long beans, bok choy, and chilli. As for training, I really like it because I have increased my knowledge and techniques on growing things that I have never known before such as preparing land, how to make compost fertilizer and natural pesticide, how to cultivate vegetables and how to choose the right vegetables”. Thank you so much to the donors who supported me with this program. I will apply what I have learnt to grow vegetables at my home. I hope this program will continue to support more families like me.”

We are so proud to financially support this program, and invite you to make a donation to our Home Food Garden Project appeal. 


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