Funding Update: Tucker Foundation


We are pleased to announce we have received a grant from Tucker Foundation which will enable our program partner, HHA Cambodia, to support 50 Cambodian families through the Home Food Garden Project in rural Siem Reap.

About the Home Food Garden Project

The Home Food Garden Project builds self-sufficient communities by supporting Cambodian families living in poverty to achieve  food security. Our vision is that by 2022 we will have funded this project for 500 families across five communes in rural Siem Reap. 

This project is implemented by our program partner’s two local Project Coordinators, who conduct hands-on training and mentoring, providing the families with free seeds, fertiliser and resources to launch their own gardens. The families are provided with recycled containers and wood to make their own vegetable beds. Following initial training, the Project Coordinators continue informally mentoring and following up the families for two months, providing support and ensuring the success of these gardens in establishing sustainable, long-term food security.

This project is run by HHA, a registered Cambodia NGO that is run entirely by local staff. We believe that locals are the subject-matter experts, know the culture and can form long-term, trustworthy relationships. 

The goals of the Home Food Garden Project are:

  • To provide 500 families with the training and resources to establish food production using their existing land. 
  • To improve nutrition and establish long-term food security

The training and mentoring courses will include the importance of using natural resources as opposed to dangerous chemicals; choosing the right vegetables for their land and growing vegetables, how to make their own fertiliser, hygiene (COVID19 prevention measures), environment (reduce, reuse and recycle); and establishing family businesses.

The funding provided by the Tucker Foundation will ensure 50 families are provided with the necessary tools and support to establish food security.

About Albert and Barbara Tucker

Albert Tucker is known as one of Australia’s foremost artists and as a key figure in the development of Australian modernism in Melbourne. Primarily a figurative painter, his works responded to the world around him and his own life experiences, and they often reflected critically on society.

Tucker grew up during the Depression and began his career as a young artist in the late 1930s, in the years leading up to the outbreak of World War II. At this time, his world was defined by financial insecurity, social inequality and war, and these concerns became the catalyst for much of his painting. Influenced by his peers as well as European modernism, he developed an expressive style through which he communicated his disillusionment about society during wartime. He believed the war contributed to decaying moral values in Melbourne.

In 1964, after returning from Europe and the United states, Albert met and married Barbara Bilcock.

Barbara Tucker was devoted to Bert for the 35 years of their marriage and, following Bert’s death in 1999, to his legacy and the management of his estate. Barbara was a founding member of the Redmond Barry Society at the State Library of Victoria. Recognising both the importance of the Library to Bert and his earlier gift of a Barrett Reid portrait, Barbara made a major donation to the Library in 2004, followed by many other significant donations, including paintings, papers, photographs and some of Bert’s memorabilia, including Ned Kelly’s rifle.

Barbara passed away in May 2015, leaving explicit instruction in her will, that the long cherished dream of both she and Bert be established. A charitable trust, to be known as the Albert and Barbara Tucker Foundation.

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