Human and Hope’s 2019/20 Annual Report is Now Online!


Just as it was for many Australian fundraising organisations, the 2019-20 financial year was one that required Human and Hope Association Incorporated (HHA Inc) to demonstrate perseverance, grit, and a whole lot of adaptability. As you will read in this Annual Report, HHA Inc has remained focused on raising funds to support the dedicated team at Human and Hope Association (HHA Cambodia) in Cambodia, equipping them to continue their locally led, sustainable development work.

Our newly released annual report will give you a glimpse of HHA Inc’s continued fundraising work, and how the organisation was able to adapt and stay committed to raising much needed funds for HHA Cambodia during the two major crisis of 2020, the Australian bush fires and COVID-19. You will also read about the strength and determination of HHA Cambodia, as they too faced the challenges of having to adapt during a global pandemic, ensuring they were able to continue to work to reduce inequality in their local community.

The 2019-20 financial year also saw HHA Inc acknowledge the need to ensure the future of the organisation by taking on our first ever paid position, enabling HHA Inc’s founder and CEO Sally Hetherington OAM to move into paid employment with the organisation. To support this historic step, the board has expanded to include a further Non-Executive Director and a Fundraising Director, while the President responsibilities have shifted from Sally to our new board President.

This report also highlights the hard work that has been put into launching Hope on Purpose, where you can find HHA Inc’s ethical shopping, travel and learning products. As you read the program updates from pages 26 and success stories on pages 42 and 43 within this report, I am sure that you will see why we are committed to working to secure the growth and sustainability of HHA Inc through these actions and more. If you too are interested in seeing HHA Cambodia continue to reduce inequalities, please consider how you might be able to support the two projects currently needing funding that are covered on pages 40 and 41.

We are thankful to everyone who has provided support and belief in our work over the past financial year. We are confident you will enjoy reading this report.

Read the annual report here.


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