Project Pulse: Home Food Garden Project


Our program partner, Human and Hope Association, has launched a Home Food Garden Project after a successful trial. The goal of this program is to initially support 50 of the families impacted by COVID-19 in Sambour commune of rural Siem Reap with establishing food production.

The training course includes:

  • the importance of using natural resources to grow vegetables as opposed to dangerous chemicals, which are commonly used in Cambodia
  • choosing the right vegetables for their land
  • how to grow vegetables and;
  • how to make their own fertiliser.

Following training and mentoring, the Project Coordinators continue informally mentoring the families for two months, in order to provide support and ensure the success of these gardens in establishing sustainable, long-term food security.

*Bronh is one person who has been helped through the Home Food Garden Project trial. Bronh lost his left leg when he was young after stepping on a landmine, which are planted throughout Cambodia as a result of their civil war. His wife was crippled after being given an incorrect injection from a village doctor. Despite these significant challenges, Bronh was employed as a construction worker, and his wife as a silk weaver. Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, they both lost their jobs.

Bronh’s family received an emergency food package from our program partner, Human and Hope Association, to ensure he, his wife and their five-year old daughter had enough food to last them for a few weeks. Bronh was eager to participate in HHA’s Home Food Garden Project trial, so he could establish food security for his family. 

With support from HHA, Bronh is now growing eggplant, long beans, morning glory, cauliflower and bok choy. He is able to supplement his emergency food package with fresh, nutritious vegetables that he grows using the chemical-free techniques he learnt from HHA’s Project Coordinators. Bronh is growing extra vegetables to his neighbours so he can earn an income, and also searches for ripe palm fruit to sell. 

HHA will continue to support Bronh’s family with another emergency food package, and two months of mentoring for his Home Food Garden. Once schools are allowed to reopen in Cambodia, his daughter will be invited to join HHA’s successful education program. 

It costs $128 to help a family establish food security through the Home Food Garden Project. Please consider donating.

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes


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