Plastic Free in July – How Human and Hope are helping


At Human and Hope, it is no lie that we are here to help our project partners to protect the future of Cambodia. The funds we raise help educate the young generations of this beautiful country to continue to develop the nation. One other way to improve their future is by going plastic free in July (and forever).

What is the Plastic Free July movement and how can you work to be more environmentally friendly? Well, we are here to educate you on how you can make a difference not just for Cambodia but for the world!

What is “Plastic Free July”?

The Plastic Free movement happens in July where millions of people take part to help with the plastic pollution. The aim of the Plastic Free July is to make the streets cleaner, safer oceans and beautiful communities.

The Plastic Free movement works to provide resources and ideas to help people reduce single-use plastic waste everyday in the home, work, school and local restaurants.

The Plastic Free month of July, since it began has inspired over 250 million people in 177 countries to make small changes in their day to day life to help improve not only the use of one time use plastics, but to improve the environment as a whole. You can read more about the Plastic Free July movement here.

Eco-tips around being plastic free

If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly, we have some tips to help you!!

  1. Use reusable bags
  2. Be more conscious of your energy use
  3. Borrow instead of buying
  4. Use less plastic and only paper when you must
  5. Recycle
  6. Use eco-friendly materials

Do you have any eco-friendly tips to share? Let us know on LinkedIn or Instagram!

How Human and Hope is participating in plastic free

At Human and Hope we are passionate about ensuring that not only are children of Cambodia are educated, but we want to ensure they have a cleaner future! Our program partner promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials and work closely with local areas to educate them to do the same.

We have also created plastic free products as part of the Hope on Purpose brand of our charity. These products are made by the women who study in the 12-month sewing program, creating a livelihood for them!

Products you can buy to be plastic free!

As we mentioned, Hope on Purpose is here to provide you with the products to help you go Plastic Free, not just for July but forever!!

Some of the great products we have on offer include:

  • Eco-friendly bags
  • Bamboo straws
  • Produce packs

Check out our range by clicking the link above!

Final thoughts

We want to encourage you to not only be plastic free in July, but to work towards being plastic free always!

Make the commitment, make an investment in eco-friendly products and let’s work towards eliminating single-use plastic so we can protect our environment for the future!

Who is going to join us?


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