Create Hope with Your Future Now

Create hope with Your Future Now

Are you feeling uncertain of the future and needing some sense of direction? We have the perfect tools that can help you to manoeuvre through this challenging time and get yourself back on your feet once again, or simply find new goals in life!

We are partnering with Your Future Now (one of Australia’s leading coaching and training companies) to offer you “The Ultimate Mindset and Empowerment Package”. This package is valued at over $1500, and is available exclusively to our community of supporters for a donation of $50. Through this package, you will be exposed to:

1. A Session with a mindset coach (30 mins/valued up to $500) to work on anything you MOST need for empowerment (business, mindset, relationships, emotions)

2. ‘Create Your Future Now’ Empowerment summit – 3h pre-recorded summit program (loaded with value) – Hear from HEALTH WEALTH AND MINDSET EXPERTS.

3. ‘Elite Leaders Program’10 x online sessions pre recorded (worth $1000. consist of 10 x recorded mastermind sessions).

4. BONUS – 3 x self-hypnosis recordings.

Your Future Now has helped tens of thousands of people over the years with their personal, career and business journeys. Fill your journey with possibilities and find your calling through Your Future Now’s inspiring coaches and valuable knowledge.

All proceeds will help to keep Human and Hope Association Cambodia’s training programs going in Cambodia under the current challenging climate where so many have lost their jobs and need new skills to thrive. Your donation will help Cambodians to keep their hope ignited.

To unlock this package, make a $50 donation through the following link. We will be in touch soon with your materials!



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