Funding Update: Goodridge Foundation


Last year we received support from The Goodridge Foundation to run preschool and Khmer language classes in Cambodia, impacting 46 children who are living in poverty, making them literate, increasing the chance of them being enrolled and remaining in public school, and improving their behaviour.

Given the current COVID-19 landscape, which is making fundraising incredibly tough at a time when communities need us more than ever, we are thrilled to announce that The Goodridge Foundation has provided us with an emergency grant of $10,000. This will help our program partners in Cambodia with their core costs, which have been slashed, whilst also helping them address the needs of the community.

We are committed to helping Human and Hope Association Cambodia help their community during this tough time. The team are currently working with the community members and commune leaders to identify the issues they are facing and work with them on solutions. Their community members are hard workers who, through no fault of their own, are slipping back into poverty due to the impact this pandemic has had on our economy. We want to make sure they get through this.

Although we don’t know yet what this support will look like, we do know that everything will be undertaken in consultation with the local community, as they know what their needs are.

This support from The Goodridge Foundation is a lifeline for our team in Cambodia, and we are so grateful for their support.

We are in urgent need of further funding, so please get in contact if you are able to support.

With all of this going on, there is a positive. Because all of the staff in Cambodia are local, they have been able to respond in a timely manner to the constantly changing situation on the ground. We have always said that a local approach to development is the best approach, because the local team are the subject-matter experts, they know our community and culture well, and they are there for the long-term. Now they are able to lead the way, and hope other organisations will begin to follow their model.


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