Funding Update: LUSH Charity Pot


We are thrilled to announce that LUSH Australia is providing funding for the student development program in Cambodia.

45% of Cambodians who live in poverty are under the age of 19 years old or younger (UNDP, 2018). Children in the community we support are not able to leave their village often, causing limitations in their ability to interact with nature and open their minds. The funds from LUSH will allow our partners in Siem Reap, Human and Hope Association, to inspire their students to appreciate the environment and become ethical leaders through mentoring and exploring the world around them.

The students will partake in monthly excursions where they will learn about the nature and wildlife in Cambodia and what they can do to protect it. The teachers will run mentoring and reflection sessions with each excursion, which will inspire them to take care and take action to protect their beautiful environment.

The program takes a very hands-on approach to learning about the environment. Cambodia ranks poorly on the 2018 Environmental Performance Index, at 150 out of 180 countries. Illegal logging, a lack of waste systems and weak environmental governance has resulted in the depletion of natural resources, and villages clogged with garbage. By immersing the students in hands-on excursions, and encouraging them to solve issues in their community, their environmental literacy will thrive, and their community will be much better off.

This funding from LUSH is part of their Charity Pot program which supports grassroots charities through the sale of their ethically-made lotions. We are very grateful for their support!


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