How to buy the perfect Christmas gift this year 


Can you believe it is Christmas time already? Yes, time to start the list of people to buy for and what you need at the shops. 

Shopping for Christmas presents gets harder and harder each year! To help out, here at Human and Hope we have decided to put together a list of items you can buy from us, that will put a smile on anyone’s face come Christmas day. Plus, you will be helping to create sustainability in Cambodia. Really, it is a win-win! 

How to get started with Christmas shopping

What you need to do first is to create the list of people you need to buy for! That way, you can see how many items you need, and who you are going to allocate certain gifts to. 

Once you have got your list, think about the personality of that person, what gift will REALLY speak to them as a person – maybe list a few values next to their name. 

Now you have made a start, you can get shopping and have your list ticked off in one simple place! 

Selecting the perfect gift 

Your list is done, now you want to select that special gift and of course we have the one shop for you to go, and it is online (double win)! 

Our Handicrafts are made by Cambodians who have been taught to sew in order to make beautiful products for people to enjoy. By teaching them to sew, they can create an income for their family. 

Some of the top items for Christmas this year include: 

Or instead, you can donate to HHA on behalf of any of your loved ones. 

This Christmas, we want to raise $2,600, which will ensure that 20 Cambodian children living in poverty can be educated in 2020. 

Donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a personal thank you from the Managing Director of Human and Hope Cambodia. 

By making a tax-deductible donation of $11 you will provide a month of education, you are ensuring these children improve their behaviour, knowledge and education to achieve their dreams. 

Give back this Christmas here, and let’s make it about giving back to the communities who need it most. By donating you ensure everyone has a great start to 2020, plus we know the person you donate on behalf of will feel very special as well! 

For more information on how else you can help out, please click here!


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