Welcoming Simon Matuzelski as our new board President


We are thrilled to announce that with our President of the past six years, Sally Hetherington OAM, transitioning to CEO of Human and Hope Association Inc, our current Non-Executive Director, Simon Matuzelski, has been voted in as President.

Simon says the following regarding his appointment:

“I strongly believe in the power of people to create change in their own lives and their local communities. I also believe that our global world brings with it a range of opportunities to do good, especially in reducing inequality. The key reason that I love volunteering with Human and Hope Association Incorporated (HHA Inc) is that the organisation understands the interaction of these two points, local communities and global opportunity. HHA Inc understands that genuinely ethical development needs to be community driven and locally inspired, and provides the opportunity for globally minded people, such as their generous partners, to empower individuals, families and communities to help themselves move out of poverty.

As President of HHA Inc, I hope to enable those involved in the organisation to continue to expand HHA Inc’s message of local and sustainable development, and to grow HHA Inc’s partnership base, both in number and diversity. I see the organisation’s message, which explores the often hidden negative impacts of voluntourism, as an increasingly important one. I hope to work closely with our CEO, Sally Hetherington OAM, to build a national conversation about how Australia can continue to play a vital role in international development while empowering developing communities to forge their own paths out of poverty and into sustainable futures.

Importantly, I see that my role as President of HHA Inc will assist the organisation to continue to develop a culture that is empirically informed, relationally based and ethically centered. In doing so, my aim will always be to empower communities to become better versions of themselves, according to their own cultural standards and guided by the knowledge and spirit of international human rights values. I’m excited to take on this new role, and I look forward to seeing the positive changes that HHA Inc will inspire, both in Australia and abroad.”

Congratulations, Simon!


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