A Unique Cambodian Experience


In September our CEO, Sally Hetherington OAM, led another Purpose and Philanthropy Field Trip to Cambodia. This trip was quite different to the April journey; it was a cool 30 degrees, compared with the 45 degree heat the travellers experienced in April!

September marks the beginning of rainy season in Cambodia, and although the travellers did face some wet weather, the rains generously held off during most of their outdoor activities.

Two new activities were added to the September itinerary. First up was a dinner at the new ‘Dine in the Dark’ restaurant in Siem Reap. Our travellers were guided by a visually-impaired waiter into a pitch-black room, where they couldn’t see a thing, instead relying on their listening skills. This experience made the travellers more aware of the challenges that people with visual impairments have to overcome on a daily basis. They ate a five-course meal, and had to elevate their tastebuds to guess what they were eating. Don’t worry, there weren’t any nasty surprises!

Also added to the itinerary was a weaving workshop at Rokhak Women Handicraft, a socially responsible business that was founded by Sounsrors Hor and exists to support mothers to work in their homes so they can take care of their children. The travellers learnt that the women who work for Rokhak first have to collect the water hyacinth, then dry it for two weeks, checking the quality to ensure it is up to scratch to weave with. They then use the dried water hyacinth to make bags, coaster, baskets, tissue boxes and rugs. This workshop gave the travellers an appreciation of how much effort goes into making products from water hyacinth and rattan; they were thrilled to end up with their own baskets to take home.

We are now accepting registrations for our 2020 Purpose and Philanthropy Field Trip to Siem Reap. Want to join us for an ethical, inspiring, socially responsible tour and cultural experience that will see you form connections with local Khmers who have overcome adversity to move forward with their lives? Click here to learn more, then contact us with questions or to register!


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