World Humanitarian Day 2019


Today is World Humanitarian Day, and this year the theme is celebrating Women Humanitarians and their undying contribution in making the world a better place.

Phalla Yorn is an inspirational Khmer woman who we are incredibly proud to know. Coming from a family living in poverty, Phalla had to drop out of school in grade eight so she could support her mother who was grieving after the death of Phalla’s younger sister.

Earning just USD$40 a month as a waitress, Phalla wasn’t sure what her future would hold. Then she began studying in the sewing program we support at Human and Hope Association in Cambodia. Phalla gave it her all, and upon graduation, she was hired as HHA’s original sewing assistant. Phalla was committed to developing her sewing and teaching skills, and became a sewing teacher at HHA in 2015. She remains there to this day (six years – what a commitment!), and mentors Khmer women who are overcoming violence and poverty to secure a safe future for their families. 

Help us celebrate Phalla’s achievements this World Humanitarian Day by making a contribution to the sewing program. 

Just $20 will provide a woman like Phalla with a sewing starter kit.


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