Project Pulse: Sewing for Marginalised Women


This month marked the beginning of a new sewing semester in Cambodia, with six women joining the program. These women were recruited in the community by Human and Hope Association’s Vocational Training Manager, Savdy, along with graduates from the program. This has become an effective way of building trust with potential students, as they can hear first-hand stories of the success of the program from the women who have been empowered.

The start of a new program meant it was time for the advanced class to graduate. There were five women who studied for the past year, and we are thrilled to pass on the news that four students secured employment at Pactics Factory, and one was hired by Human and Hope Association to make our Hope Handicrafts. All five of the women are already earning over USD$90 a month.

Other outcomes as a direct result of the program were:

  • 100% reported an increase in confidence
  • 100% reported a reduction or elimination in domestic violence
  • 80% had family members who joined at least one community workshop at Human and Hope Association

The students participated in pre-program, mid-program and post-program surveys, and their progress will continue to be monitored over the next year. The graduation of these students brings the total sewing graduates from 2013 to 56 students, which is an incredible result. As the years have gone by, the program has only grown stronger, and we are pleased with the progress.

This cohort of students was funded by 100 Women and the Australian Communities Foundation – Vanraay Family Fund.

To support a woman to learn sewing, life skills, business skills, chemical-free farming and to participate in a mentoring program, please consider signing up as a Sewing Champion. For a tax-deductible contribution of just $100 a month (a night out), you can give a second chance to a woman in need.


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