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“My family’s situation is so much better than before. I am so proud that I can provide my children with the food, shelter and education they need and deserve.”

Chomrong was forced to stop studying in grade eight due to the extreme poverty her family experienced. Working as a builder, she faced physical and mental obstacles whilst earning less than one dollar a day.

Chomrong went on to get married and have three children, but she found it difficult to buy food for her family due to her meagre salary. Living in a dilapidated house made from palm leaves and bamboo, she was unsure if the structure would survive the unpredictable weather. Chomrong feared that her children would lead the same difficult life as her and was at a loss as to how to improve their living situation.

When Chomrong was approached by Human and Hope Association in 2014, she jumped at the chance to study sewing. She rode her bike on a 10km round journey each day for a year, learning the skills required to set up her own business. She was later hired as our sewing teacher and is empowering other women to break the cycle of poverty.

Chomrong and her family now have a new brick home. All three of her children are studying at Human and Hope Association and continue their progress at public school where they are at the top of their classes. Chomrong earns around $300 a month, ten times what she previously earnt. Her family is living free from poverty, violence and disease thanks to our holistic programs that involve mothers, fathers and children.

This end of the financial year, we want to take two more families out of poverty by involving them in our empowering programs.

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